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These days the necessity to work with different creative assignments is a must at any higher educational establishment. Nevertheless, not each student is a guru of academic writing. If you belong to the category of students for whom the work with the creative assignments seems to be an impossible task, then you came to the right place!

How to Forget about Essay Writing Services?

Students are not the richest category of people. For that reason, not each individual can afford to order a paper from research paper writers or online essay writers. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they can squirm out from creative assignments studying at any university or college. Some of them even don’t believe that it is possible to get through any assignment (if there is a desire to do this). Yet still, time and efforts are also required.

If you can’t write your essay or need an urgent homework help, but you have no cash, you just should believe in your power. Here, at, you can find lots of useful information that will be your guide in writing. There is no need to pay money to paper writing services when you can easily cope with this task by yourself!

What We Offer is the online service, providing you with the detailed instructions on writing essays, case studies, course works, book reviews, research papers and a number of other creative assignments, and it absolutely FREE.

We don’t offer term papers for sale or other types of essay writing services. In a similar vein, we don’t write papers for you from scratch. We just give students a helping hand and encourage them to do all their assignments by themselves.

Here, at, you can find many useful instructions, guidelines or books, showing you how to become a good paper writer. Our prime target is to help students learn how to do all possible home assignments by themselves, avoiding the necessity to spend money on the services of professionals in this area.

Who Are the Founders of

This portal was founded by a group of students, facing the necessity to work with term papers, essays, case studies, book reviews and other works on an ongoing basis. We are from the Stanford University in the USA. We know firsthand what creative assignments are and how many difficulties they cause.

The rules of the modern educational system are hard and fast. For that reason, many students feel at a loss, working on one or another task. Furthermore, when they are overwhelmed with many assignments, the major part of them gives up and orders papers from different paper writing services. In doing so, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to learn anything new or improve poor writing skills.

Our day-to-day routine is related to essay writing, investigating the new narrative essay topics and so on. We see each day how many students do the same mistakes because of their non-acquaintance of the theme. For that reason, we decided to simplify so overwhelmed life of students, providing them with detailed instructions on writing papers.

The Goals of Our Service

Essay Writing Book

This website was set up with the primary target – to help students do their assignments by themselves. Besides, if you are a student who is far from all these assignments because you used to pay cash to academic writing companies, is for you.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Provide the detailed instructions on writing essays, term papers, course works, book reviews, etc.
  • Help students understand how to do one or another assignment.
  • Prove students that doing papers by themselves, they will improve their language level and writing skills.
  • Help them achieve the highest grade using their brain.

Who are the Members of this Service?

We are students and professors, studying or working at the Stanford University. We know all peculiarities of writing because we do this job every day. For that reason, we used to share this information with you. We don’t get salary for our work. All information you can find at is at free access. We don’t ask you to pay cash for downloading our instructions or tips on writing. We just want to share our experience in writing with you because having written so many essays we can easily name ourselves reputable essay writers.

The Benefits of Our Service

As it was mentioned before, we don’t offer research papers for sale. We encourage lazy students do all assignments by themselves. Of course to simplify your everyday life and dedicate time to things you adore to do, you may just choose an ordinary academic writing company and write them a request, which as a rule sounds like this “write my essay for me” and handle all your problems.

Nevertheless, this is not the way out. You should always try to do your assignments by yourself. In doing so, you will definitely enhance your writing skills, enlarge your scope and acquire the new skills. Furthermore, it is much better to get C for your work than A for the purchased paper. Even when you get the C grade, you will get more skills and new knowledge than when you get A, but this paper isn’t your creation.

So, our benefits are as follows:

  • We provide students with the instructions on writing.
  • We help you broaden the outlook.
  • We help you be a good and skilled professional in the area.
  • We encourage you to use your loaf instead of asking help from the others.

With, you will never face difficulties in writing. We constantly update our website. For that reason, almost each day, we download the new instructions on writing, allowing you to reduce the time on the search for other reputable services.

With you will definitely become an excellent writer! Just believe in yourself!

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